The global shift of energy paradigm to carbon-free technologies has significantly increased the penetration of grid-tied power electronics. Power electronic systems are a key enabler in the energy conversion process, from renewable generation like wind/solar power, electric vehicles down to lighting.
To ensure smooth transition to green technologies, electronic systems must be compatible with each other and the power grid. Recently, there have been new disturbances on power grid due to high incompatibility of power electronic systems in the new frequency range of 2-150 kHz which has been unregulated in the past. Therefore, new international standards have been drafted and are going to be effective by 2023. This will challenge the power electronics industry as no effective solution exists to comply with new standards. This prevents from deployment of renewable energy systems and reaching green transition goals by 2030.
Supra-EMC will be a leap forward for Danish electronics industry and utility operators in two aspects. Firstly, proposing new energy and cost-effective solutions with new business potential. Secondly, developing new tools and devices for commercialization.
Incremental inclusion of the Supra-EMC outcomes into the design phase of industrial products during the course of the project is vital. Thereby, the proposed consortium being key players in power electronics industry is a dream team to solve and implement viable solutions in the entire value chain.
Kort titelSupra-EMC
Effektiv start/slut dato01/05/202331/10/2027


  • FORCE Technology
  • Grundfos DK AS
  • Nordic Power Converters ApS
  • Schaffner Group
  • Danfoss AS


  • Innovationsfonden: 16.787.082,00 kr.


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