This project aims to develop and thereby to support the use of safe and sustainable construction products and materials in renovation. It provides a methodology and tools for assessment of environmental properties and sustainability aspects of construction products. The basis for the work is to identify the priority substances in construction products/materials that are or will in future be restricted or be of concern because of the new legislation or environmental safety targets set at EU level. The project also aims to address environmental and technological issues related to the recyclability of construction products arising from renovation. Special focus will be to highlight quality requirements and to give practical guidance of key recycling options and to identify measures to be taken into account in the renovation and design of constructions. This ensures the high quality of waste streams arising in the renovation work and minimises the amount of waste to be disposed.

The project consortium consists of 6 partners:

- Finland: VTT

- Sweden: SGI and IVL

- Denmark: SBi Aalborg University, DTU and DHI
Effektiv start/slut dato15/11/201031/12/2012