The project aims to develop concepts enabling a ”green” transition to sustainable ”energy islands” gaining energy flexibility from integrated energy systems in local energy communities. The project has
22 PARTNERS from 3 EU countries & India, and is lead by Aalborg University, Denmark. The project has
demonstration sites in Denmark, The Netherlands, Poland & India, to veryfi the set up control methods, that are based on user inputs from the local sites.
The goals of the project are as follows:
Decarbonisation of local energy systems via optimal integration of locally available renewables (smart control, balancing of grids, storage solutions, and application of active load control),
Integration of energy systems for local communities (considering electricity, heat, water, waste & transport infrastructure),
Technical benchmarking and solutions matched with business models tailored to the different challenges identified in each country,
Evaluation of the demonstration sites for replicability across Europe & worldwide,
Emphasis on user involvement, including the identification of the conditions and socio-economic characteristics behind the willingness to participate,
Enhancement of the environmental, social and economic conditions of local communities.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/07/202131/12/2024


  • European Commission: 26.184.803,48 kr.


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