Symposium on Globalisation of the Economy: Is Globalisation always to the benefit of business?



    Scandic Hotel Aalborg, Oct. 3, 2002. The aim of the 1-day Symposium is to present and discuss to what extent liberalisation of the economies always ? as often assumed - is to the advantage of the business community. The underlying hypothesis is that too fast and uncontrolled liberalisation may make it difficult to assure an ethical and sustainable business community on a global scale. Presentations were made by academics, business organisations, NGOs as well as companies. The topics covered were: ?Good? globalization; ?bad? globalization by Prof. Peter Dicken, University of Manchester, UK The firm as a world citizen by Deputy Director General Jørgen K. Hansen, The Danish Confederation of Industries Human rights and global business: The case of Novo Nordisk by Attorney of Law Sune Skadegård Thorsen, Corporate Social Responsibility ATTAC on ethical and sustainable global business. Potential of the critical movement towards globalization by spokesman of ATTAC Denmark Leif Müller Promoting an alternative approach to global business development by President af ATTAC Aalborg Per Lunde Global institutions as means to ethical and sustainable business by Reader Morten Ougård, Copenhagen Business School The regulations and taxation of international capital flows as a precondition for a sustainable globalisation? By Associate Professor Henrik Plaschke, Aalborg University Participants: The Symposium was organised by the International Business Research Group, Department of Business Studies, Aalborg University in conjunction with the Export Association of Northern Jutland. The Symposium was sponsored by the Obel Family Foundation, Aalborg. No Symposium-proceedings were published, but papers presented are available on request from Olav Jull Sørensen (
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