The Application of inverter technology for High Power SkyTEM Systems



This project is aimed to investigate the feasibility of using three-phase inverter equipped with small dc-link as a modification of the current power supply technology used in high power SkyTEM systems. The existing technology applies a supercapacitor bank as energy buffer, which suffers from the weight and thermal problem of the supercapacitors. By replacing the large supercapacitor bank with the inverter technology, it is considered that a small dc-link should be sufficient enough to perform as the energy buffer and the above mentioned problems could be greatly eased. The investigation is mainly carried out by simulations. The outcomes will be documented to conclude the feasibility of the proposed technology to be adopted in the high power SkyTEM systems.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/02/201611/05/2016


  • Airborne Instruments ApS


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