The connection between Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO), Patient Participation and Patient Empowerment - from a patient perspective



The research project examines the connection between patient-reported outcome (PRO) and patient participation and studies how chronic patients perceive this to have an influence on patient empowerment and their self-management. Patients participation is examined between outpatient consultations, and during patient-provider-consultations, hence the study aims to capture a wide range of aspects concerning PRO and patient participation. When scrutinizing the relation between PRO and patient participation concepts like patient recognition and patient-centeredness becomes pertinent. Thus, based on findings hitherto, it is assumed that the enablement and extent of patient participation are affected by patient recognition; subsequently, influencing patient empowerment and patients management of their condition(s).

Methods applied:
- SotA literature review concerning the connection between PRO and Patient participation.
- Participant observations at workshops developing PRO-questionnaires, at outpatient clinics (focus on the consultations), of participants everyday life, etc.
- Semi-structured interviews with patients and other relevant stakeholders.

Project period:
01-02-2018 - 31-01-2021

PhD-fellow Jeppe Eriksen, Associate Professor Pernille Bertelsen and Professor Ann Bygholm

The project is cofinanced by The Danish Health Data Authority, Dachi and The Department of Planning (AAU).
Kort titelPatient-Reported Outcome (PRO) and Patient Participation
Effektiv start/slut dato01/02/201831/01/2021


  • Patient reported outcomes
  • Patient participation
  • Patient centeredness
  • Patient empowerment
  • Patient recognition