The Danish-Japanese Network on Security and Cyber-security in Networks



The main purpose is to support the creation of an international collaboration between Japan (Osaka university, Doshisha University, Waseda University, National Institute of Communication Technologies and the Graduate School for the Creation of new Photonics Industries) and Denmark, within the area of network security and cyber-security. The scientific focus of the initiative fall within Triple A security (authentication, authorization, accounting), ciphers, crypto coders for communications, containers, transport layer security, data integrity, control flow, blockchain and network monitoring. This network lays the foundation to increase the know-how, particularly beneficial for Denmark.


The program will focus on:
- exchanging and developing advanced theory to understand new security challenge in networks
- exchanging and developing novel Triple A systems
- exploring new architectures for enhanced security in data centers (edge and cloud computing)
- innovative business models for cyber-security technologies
- writing a joint proposal for EU H2020 in the upcoming calls in the area of security, HPC and communications
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/202031/12/2020


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