WP5 – Institutional aspects and policy recommendations:

While the technology to built upon may be available for the development of consumer-centric electricity markets, it is clear that other challenges exist at the institutional level and in terms of policy and regulation. A basic and clear example of that situation lies in the fact that a household today may not sell directly electricity to another neighboring household. Similarly one may not directly and in real buy electricity from a given wind farm.
Our aim in this WP is to identify these challenges that are not of technological nature, and toanalyze how those may be handled under existing or a new governance framework. It is to be noted that blockchain technology might be adopted as backbone in various branches of our economies, and parallels to the energy sector may be drawn.
Kort titelThe Energy Collective
Effektiv start/slut dato01/04/201730/03/2020


Transformative Technologies

Kirsten Sophie Hasberg (Deltager)
30 jan. 20202 feb. 2020

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Tagung zukünftige Stromnetze 2020: Vom Verteilnetz zum Netz des Zusammenspiels

Kirsten Sophie Hasberg (Oplægsholder)
29 jan. 2020

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Data for power and power over data. Über die Macht der Informationssysteme in der Energiewende

Kirsten Sophie Hasberg (Oplægsholder)
5 dec. 2019

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Enpact Startup Mentoring

Kirsten Sophie Hasberg (Deltager)

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Power struggles on the blockchain: On decentralization and recentralization in digital energy systems

Hasberg, K. S., 13 jan. 2020, (Afsendt).

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  • White paper: Policy recommendations of 'The Energy Collective' Project (WP 5)

    Hasberg, K. S., Miller, J., Hvelplund, F. & Pinson, P., 2020, (Under udarbejdelse) The Energy Collective - final report.

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  • Abstract: Three dimensions of decentralization in energy and information systems

    Hasberg, K. S., dec. 2019, (Afsendt) Energy Futures: Leibnitz Research Alliance on Energy Transitions 2020 conference.

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