The Learning Ecosystems and Activities of the Future (LEAF)



    The Learning Ecosystems and Activities of the Future (LEAF) application has been granted 3 years funding from Nordforsk, as part of their Researcher Networks 2009 program. LEAF is a research initiative that brings together eight research groups from four Nordic countries(Sweden Finland, Norway and Denmark). These different groups encompass an area of scientific research related to the interdisciplinary field of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) with special emphasis on two disciplines, namely Learning Sciences and Human Computer Interaction.
    The overall aims of the LEAF initiative are to establish a solid scientific ground in order to consolidate research and training efforts in the field of TEL through the creation of a Nordic research network of senior scientists, young researchers and PhD students. The objective of LEAF is thus to develop and implement a common Nordic strategy for supporting new initiatives that can promote synergy in research, research training and development in the field of TEL across the Nordic countries. The LEAF initiative also aims at reinforcing Nordic research in the field of TEL in relation to the research objectives expressed by the European community in this specific domain area. NordForsk is a Nordic research board with responsibility for cooperation on research and researcher training in the Nordic region
    Effektiv start/slut dato01/10/200901/10/2012


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