The Rise of China and Global Governance in the Era of Interdependent Hegemony

  • Bo, Peng (Projektdeltager)



The object of this PhD project is to contribute a framework for understanding and analyzing the outcome and impact on the existing system of global governance brought about by the rise of China as a shaper and mover in the contemporary international order. In other words, it intends to find some answers to the question “whether the rise of China is a vindicator or a challenger to the current international order seen from the perspective of global governance.” Accordingly, the dissertation’s empirical focus is to be placed on “global governance”, where China’s impact has generated an indispensable global attention on reforming the existing structure. My current consideration of theoretical approaches is to combine the strength of the theories, such as, “interdependent hegemony”, “international political economy” and “institutionalism”, so as to conceptualize, to what extent and in which way, the structure of global governance is being reshaped by the rise of China and the future scenarios.
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