The Staging of Virtual 3D-Spaces



This project was a large multidisciplinary effort that started in 1998 and continues until 2001. More than 30 researchers from different Danish research institutions participated in the project. The project was supported by the Danish Research Ministry with a total budget of DKK 22 million. The activities of the project were divided in three teams concerned with analysis, construction, and methodology related to the development of computerised interactive media that stage virtual inhabited 3D-spaces. The construction team concentrated on developing architectures for agents in 3D-environments. The idea was that agents are the smallest building blocks in interactive narratives, and, in this capacity, should be designed to function as actors. It was assumed that interactive narratives are not told, but enacted. The methodology team focussed on analytical and experimental approaches to software development. These approaches were characterised and their relevance for design of interactive media were evaluated through qualitative empirical experiments. In relation to the information systems group, the Staging of Virtual 3D-Spaces resulted in 1 PhD dissertation.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/199831/12/2001


  • The Danish Research Ministry


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