Theory and methodology in socio-political research in mathematics education

  • Valero, Paola (Projektdeltager)



    This project emerged from the desire for bringing together two main concerns, namely, the need for reflecting on the implications of adopting socio-political approaches on the understanding of mathematics education phenomena, and the need for evidencing the implications of those frames on the research process itself. A socio-political perspective in mathematics education does not only offer possible theoretical tools and interpretations, but also emphasizes the researcher?s awareness on the research process and on how he and she privileges ?and silences? diverse aspects of the research activity. In this sense, examining the process of research and its elements ?and evidencing the power relationships involved in them? becomes one of the central features of socio-political approaches in mathematics education research. Af Paola Valero; Robyn Zevenbergen, Griffith University, Australia.
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