Transparent Boundaries: Total budget: 417.357 EUR – AAU andel: 87.701 EUR



AAU - Aalborg University, Denmark
UCA –University of Creative Arts i Farnham, England
AMAT – Associazione Marchigiana Attivita Teatrali, Ancona, Italien
HRDC – Hellenic Regional Development Center, Str. Patras, Grækenland

The Transparent Boundaries project proposes to make links across cultures and between generations to find ways to increase the visibility of the Elder as a vital force with a cultural contribution and impact to be included and referenced.

With a broad range of approaches from the projects four partners, different perspectives address this overall aim.
Aalborg University, and research group of Architecture+Interior is focusing on the change in the fishing industry in Denmark, in menace of causing cultural distance between the old tradition and the future.
Based on a general understanding of the metaphorical potential of textiles and laces, we seek to explore and challenge the boundaries between the older generations, the society and the cultural settings.

Through an architectural redesign and reinterpretation of the fishing net as physical traditional lace, we seek to define new cultural intergenerational links and connections between the old fishermen and the industry of today.

Effektiv start/slut dato01/06/201230/05/2014


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