Underwater Robot - VideoRay ROV



The ocean covers over 70% surface of the earth, however, we have to say that so far human being knows still very little under these water, though we believe there should be a plenty of resources we could adopt if we could find out some safe and cost-effective technology to do so. Subsea robotics has been helping human being to extend their capabilities in recent decades, thanking to the rapid technology development. Subsea robot can commit difficult and/or dangerous tasks beyond human’s natural capability, such as deepwater sea floor scanning, oil & gas exploitation and exploration, subsea pipeline installation and inspection, as well as handling some catastrophic disasters.

The proposed equipment can certainly provide us a solid and professional subsea robotic platform, not only to verify our so-far obtained results, but also to inspire new thinking and ideas, as well as to provide relevant industries a lab-sized testing robot protocol.

Total budget: 421,638 dkr - Det Obelske Familiefond (50%) & AAU (50%)
Kort titelROV
Effektiv start/slut dato22/05/201501/06/2018


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