User Interaction on Future Multimedia Mobile Phone Terminals



Speech and Multimedia Communication This activity is concerned with an industrial PhD project in collaboration between Siemens Mobile Phones and Aalborg University, CPK within the PhD programme in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. The first phase of the project is a comprehensive study of the literature, standards, products, and conferences dealing with mobile computing and communication technologies. The goal of this phase is to gain an overview of current trends and the state-of-art within the areas of mobile computing, standards (WAP, UMTS, Bluetooth, etc), and the concurrent trends within the development of hardware (e.g. compact screens, wearable computers). The second step consists of an analysis of a broad selection of potential applications. These can be projected from existing devices and applications, but can also be completely innovative, based on the knowledge gained from the initial study. The analysis will also be made, using the studies of the marketing department of Bosch Telecom, giving to the study an open eye on the market expectations. The analysis will have as its conclusion a categorisation of the applications into a number of general classes, e.g. according to requirements for high bandwidth, internet access, position awareness, fixed standards, high resolution graphics, speech technology, etc. The classification will be used to identify levels underlying common requirements and functionality and separate them from the very application specific issues. This classification will also be layered so that the classification model can be easily modified when new technologies appear. The classification will conclude the analysis part of the study, and lead to the design of an application and hardware independent software platform for multi-modal user interface development on mobile devices. (Gäel Rosset, Lars Bo Larsen)
Effektiv start/slut dato31/12/200131/12/2001