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    Knowledge and power can interact in many different ways. One principal site for this interaction can be found within the development of mathematic, science and technology. Here classic criteria for quality of knowledge are mixing with criteria expressing industrial, economic and other interests. In particular, I analyse "mathematics in action" as a site for such an interaction. The analyses reveal that the whole idea of modernity, that scientific knowledge could be considered the motor of progress, can be doubted. This uncertainty becomes a basic condition for the further development of mathematics, science and technology. This uncertainty can be characterised by means of the notion of aporia, which refers to lack of resources for identifying what could count as "horrors" and "wonders" with respect to knowledge in action. However, this uncertainty is accompanied by an "ethical demand", meaning that the notion of responsibility becomes an important notion. Through this project I try to elaborate a conceptual framework, through which it is possible to address both uncertainty and responsibility with respect to the socio-political role of mathematics, science and technology.
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