Value-added products from biomass (BIO-VALUE)



The idea behind the BIO-VALUE SPIR is to establish a strong strategic platform for innovation and research on value-added products from biomass. This will be achieved by assembly of a consortium of major universities, companies and technology organisations (GTS and Innovation Networks).
The research and innovation activities in the BIO-VALUE SPIR address the challenges of providing a competitive platform for the future development of sustainable value chains for industrial production of biobased products. The platform will develop the science and technologies required to enable production of sustainable consumer products from biomass at sufficiently low costs. The ey in this endeavour comprises production and conversion of plant biomass feedstocks and further processing of the biomass components into intermediates and value-added end products. Only by addressing the entire value chain via an innovation pull, it is anticipated that novel sustainable and competitive solutions for large-scale implementation can be developed.
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