VR MediaLab is the Aalborg University Centre for Virtual Reality and Interactive Media. It was inaugurated in August 1999 with unique computing and visualisation facilities in a dedicated building complex of NOVI, the Science Park of Aalborg University. The VR-facilities comprise an sgi super computer (16 cpu's, 6 graphics pipes) and three visualisation arenas: (6-sided CAVE; Panorama screen of 160 dg., 7.1 m diameter; and 3D Power Wall, 8 m wide). The Centre hosts research groups from various departments of the university wanting to operate in the well-supported interdisciplinary environment with both research and teaching activities. CVMT played a major role in the establishment of the VR Centre, and is now located within it, contributing to, and benefiting from the interdisciplinary environment and the facilities. Upgrading of the computer facilities to PC-cluster is initiated. Supported by Det Obelske Familiefond, Spar Nord Fonden, and EU Funds for Regional Development. (Erik Kjems, VR Media Lab)
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