This project aims at testing the Weptos WEC for the first time in an uncontrolled - real sea environment. This will give the opportunity to check the extensive findings from the previous investigations (based on model tests and subsequent analyses) and to assess the additional factors related to an offshore environment (e.g. marine fouling and offshore operations). It will operate as an autonomous system, just like a conventional power plant, and produce power, which will be delivered to the grid. So, all aspects of an autonomous offshore operating renewable energy power plant will be able to be addressed and tested. Furthermore, this device will have to be produced following marine guidelines and installed and tested in a real offshore environment, which will set the development to new standards of operation.
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  • Application of a negative stiffness mechanism on pitching wave energy devices

    Kurniawan, A. & Zhang, X., 2018, Proceedings of the 5th Offshore Energy and Storage Symposium.

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