Wind Farm Black Start Service Integration to Assure Resiliency in 100% Renewable Future Power Systems



Creating a world that runs entirely on green energy requires future 100% renewable power systems to fully replace conventional ones. Among renewable energy sources, offshore wind farms (OWFs) show huge promise at global, European and Danish level. Among the services that must be delivered, high focus has recently been given to black start. After a blackout, restoring the grid to operation without relying on the external transmission network is an emergency condition. Currently, OWFs are not capable of delivering black start. Thus, it is of great importance that OWFs gain the ability to participate in the restoration strategy as black start units in order to get resilient 100% renewable power systems in the future.

The aim of this Industrial PhD is to investigate, analyse and develop the innovative integration of black start service for OWFs utilizing novel power-electronic-based and energy storage solutions. These solutions (e.g. wind turbines, flexible alternating current transmission system (FACTS), static synchronous compensator (STATCOM), high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission, battery energy storage system (BESS)) have the potential to bring shorter restoration time and higher performance than conventional power plants. To have this service integrated in OWFs, some important challenges arise, e.g. energization transient and power balance, grid strength, short-circuit ratio, assuring system transient, stability and harmonic performance. This will be addressed by application of advanced analysis of the OWF energization behaviour via dynamic simulations, which take into account different time steps and scenarios. Recognizing that power system blackouts are likely to occur, it is crucial to consider the required countermeasures that reduce their intensity, extent and duration. OWF black start service fulfilment is, thus, the main objective.

Collaborator: Ørsted Wind Power A/S.
Funding: Ørsted Wind Power A/S, Innovationsfonden.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/202030/06/2023


  • Ørsted A/S (Projektpartner)
  • Innovationsfonden


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