Your Turn!: Teachers for trade union renewal

  • Stevenson, Howard (PI (principal investigator))
  • Carter, Bob (CoI (co-investigator))
  • Milner, Alison Louise (CoI (co-investigator))
  • Vega Castillo, Maria Antonieta (CoI (co-investigator))



With a view to implement the first principle of the European Pillar of Social Rights on quality and inclusive education, in this 2-year EU co-funded project (2018-2020) ETUCE seeks to strengthen the capacity of education trade unions to address changes in employment and work within education at EU and transnational level, and in social dialogue related challenges. At a time when changes in the context and organisation of work of teachers and other educational personnel’s are increasingly challenging their working lives and undermining the quality of education and the attractiveness of the profession, education trade unions take the opportunity to work together across borders to address the needs of and to engage with those who are most marginalised or under-represented.

Through this project, ETUCE seeks to further the understanding of main patterns of employment, including the emergence of precarious work amongst new and young teachers, their status and security, and to promote unions’ capacity to address these labour market and professional challenges through trade union renewal.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/12/201830/09/2020


‘Your Turn’: teachers for trade union renewal

Stevenson, H., Carter, B., Milner, A. L. & Vega Castillo, M. A., 2020, Brussels: European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE).

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