Work Package 1: Zero Energy Building Concepts. WP leader: Cand. arch. Mary-Ann Knudstrup, associate professor, Aalborg University, Department at Architecture & Design Aalborg University, inresearch center for Zero Energy Buildings.

The overall objective of the work package is through analysis of different building types and their different energy needs, the different challenges facing a new construction or a renovation as well as the impact of user behavior and expectations to determine the optimal choices of building envelope systems, building services systems and renewable energy devices for zero energy building concepts. Secondly, the objective is to evaluate the integration of potential future low energy, zero enegy buildings into national renewable energy systems. The work package is divided in six tasks: 1. Optimization and interaction of energy consumption and production in buildings. 2. Energy system modeling and analysis of 100% renewable energy scenarios. 3. Design examples of energy renovation of typical buildings. 4. Durability of buildings and energy renovation. 5. User perspectives on energy renovation in housing and 6. Zero enegy building concepts.

Project leader at task 6. Zero energy building concepts: Cand. arch Mary-Ann Knudstrup A&D, AAU. The research in work package 6 will draw on results of the activities from all 5 work packages. The work will especially investigate how these findings can be combined with the fact that the desired architectural expression and considerations regarding occupant behavior, indoor climate, comfort and productivity will have a major impact on the optimal design solutions. The work will result in the development of a few examples of potential zero energy building concepts for new constructions and renovations as inspiration for future demonstration projects.

Effektiv start/slut dato01/05/200930/04/2014


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