2001 – 2010 Danish Design Reference Year: Reference Climate Dataset for Technical Dimensioning in Building, Construction and other Sectors

Peter Grunnet Wang, Mikael Scharling, Kristian Pagh Nielsen, Claus Kern-Hansen, Kim Bjarne Wittchen

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This report presents the Danish Design Reference Year based on observed data from 2001 – 2010. In various sectors - i.e. building and construction, energy, etc. - the climate and weather usually plays a part in a given project. The Danish Design Reference Year dataset is a collection of data series for eleven specific parameters, that each represents a typical year in Denmark. The uses of the dataset may vary from simulations to statistical analysis, graphical overviews etc.
The Danish land areas have been sectionalized into five to six climatological zones depending on the parameter, each characterized by distinct diurnal and yearly variations. The dataset consists of observed data from one station located within and representing each zone.
In addition to the complete Danish Design Reference Year dataset, a subset specifically selected to be used for energy performance calculations for obtaining a building permit is included.
ForlagDanmarks Meteorologiske Institut
Antal sider34
Rekvirerende organisationEnergistyrelsen
StatusUdgivet - sep. 2013
NavnDMI Technical Report


  • climate data
  • reference year