5G Time Synchronization: Performance Analysis and Enhancements for Multipath Scenarios

Usman Hadi, Thomas Haaning Jacobsen, Renato Barbosa Abreu, Troels Kolding

Publikation: Bidrag til bog/antologi/rapport/konference proceedingKonferenceartikel i proceedingForskningpeer review


Absolute Time Synchronization (TS) over the air
interface has been introduced with 3GPP 5G NR Release 16
which enables a wide set of applications requiring accurate timeof-day service. In this paper, we present a detailed evaluation of
the achievable accuracy of Release 16 TS service considering
user equipment (UE) impairments, multipath components, and
deployment parameters. Additionally, we propose alternative
reference signal and measuring settings required for different
channel realizations and environments to meet requirements
from a plethora of regulatory, commercial, and 5G industrial
use cases. It is shown that wideband channel state information
reference signal better supports TS for control to control use
case at up to 60m of cell size in comparison to 10m if
synchronization signal block is used for TS. The evaluation can
be used as guidelines for reference signal configurations and
how often the absolute timestamps should be delivered to the UE
over the air interface for different deployment scenarios.
Antal sider5
StatusAfsendt - 7 sep. 2021


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