Wang Chengbo, Vivien Reid, John Johansen

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    Purpose: This paper presents a model, which is through the application of a case-based reasoning (CBR) methodology, to facilitate both effectiveness and efficiency of operational knowledge sharing/ application/ creation/ augmentation within a smart business network (SBN).
    The model is to be used for improving the competitiveness of a SBN in its endeavor to survive and compete against other SBNs, through adopting a holistic approach to business activities, to provide the SBN members an efficacy tool for knowledge management, and for improving coordination and collaboration with their upstream and downstream partners.

    Research approach: This research will go through three stages.
    Stage 1, the main work is to make a study of published research on SBNs of their knowledge management content, and CBR and its empirical application.
    Stage 2, based on the learning from the previous stage, a CBR model is designed.
    Stage 3, the model is verified and refined towards its maturity. This stage includes three steps.
    Step 1, the model is evaluated and refined based on empirical evidence in the related fields, and from an academic judgment.
    Step 2, the model is applied in selected real world SBNs to support their efficient and effective knowledge leverage, and will continue to be refined based upon the feedback and comments on its practical running.
    Step 3, this model is finalized based on the learning from the above steps.

    It is important to understand the applicability of the model in real world situations. Here in this research the authors use four criteria to evaluate its applicability: relevance, efficiency, effectiveness and complexity.

    Findings and Originality: Based on the academic evaluation and the successful application of CBR models from researchers in other closely related fields, it is rational to contend that the model will support the knowledge management not only for the functional fields within a certain organization but also among the SBN members. The model can play a vital role for supporting a SBN and its members to learn more of the approaches to improve operations performance at both strategic and operational levels.
    The model is a further exploration of both smart business network and its knowledge management process as well as CBR technology’s new field of application.

    Research impact: The academic world will benefit by gaining more understanding of the process and format of applying theoretical knowledge in the practical world within the context of SBN.
    This research also explores a new area for CBR technology applied within the realms of business, and to gain deeper understanding and further contribution to the text rich cases' application in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

    Practical impact: The real world SBNs and their members will benefit by having a new model and platform supporting their operations’ effectiveness and efficiency development, through knowledge sharing and learning. This model will help the SBN members achieve win-win situation.
    The SBN members can also use this model as a mechanism for cultivation and application of new concepts and knowledge among employees.

    StatusUdgivet - 2009
    BegivenhedLRN Conference - Cardiff 2009 Logistics Research Network Annual Conference - Cardiff, Storbritannien
    Varighed: 9 sep. 200911 sep. 2009


    KonferenceLRN Conference - Cardiff 2009 Logistics Research Network Annual Conference


    • Smart business network (SBN)
    • Case-based reasoning (CBR)
    • Knowledge management