A Comprehensive View On Benefits From Product Modularization

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    In many cases the phenomenon of product modularization is presented in an inherently positive way. Based on the frequency of these positive cases it might be expected that product modularization is a universal cure for any competitive weaknesses experienced by manufacturing or service companies. Definitely, the many various aspects of product modularization have demonstrated substantial
    potentials regarding improved and enhanced competitiveness, but our empirical studies illustrate that the efforts in regards to realizing specific product modularization benefits need to be managed carefully.

    Our studies illustrates that the expected and the realized benefits from a product modularization effort rarely match. In most cases the companies have only weak estimations about both the type and the magnitude of the potential benefits when planning the modularization project. This indicates a serious need for tools and methods to support companies in being more specific about the expected benefits. Furthermore, this indicates a need for more precise perceptions of the challenges of managing product modularization efforts.

    This paper deals with three challenges according to the outset as described initially. First, we will unfold a company neutral empirical based way of how to understand and manage product modularization. Secondly, we will classify and conceptualize the various product modularization benefits. Thirdly, we will evaluate a number of individual industrial product modularization cases according to the conceptualized model of benefits.

    The reported study is mainly a qualitative study. In the implication part of the paper we will discuss how the study can be developed further to incorporate enough company cases to generate more substantial insights.
    Titel11th International Design Conference DESIGN 2010, Dubrovnik, May 17-20, 2010
    RedaktørerD. Marjanovic, M. Storga, N. Pavkovic, N. Bojcetic
    Antal sider10
    Udgivelses stedFaculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb, Croatia/The Design Society, Glasgow
    ForlagDesign Society
    ISBN (Trykt)978-953-7738-04-4
    StatusUdgivet - 2010


    Hansen, P. H. K., & Sun, H. (2010). A Comprehensive View On Benefits From Product Modularization. I D. Marjanovic, M. Storga, N. Pavkovic, & N. Bojcetic (red.), 11th International Design Conference DESIGN 2010, Dubrovnik, May 17-20, 2010 (Bind 1, s. 233-242). Design Society.