A deformation (strain) envelope for cyclic disturbed sand

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftTidsskriftartikelForskningpeer review


Recent advances in triaxial testing procedures revealed new properties governing disturbed sand stiffness. This paper summarizes the new observations
into an original, proof of concept. The novel concept interpolates effective stress
within a strain (deformation) envelope. Coulomb stress limits are still satisfied,
but the stresses are interpolated using a deformation (strain) envelope. The
method is not part of a constitutive formulation, but is remarkably functional
in triaxial testing practice. The practicality is proven by plotting simulations
on top of empirically measured stiffness history - the fitting is remarkably good
even during tests of extreme complexity.

The novelty has substantial interdisciplinary potential: offshore anchors and
foundations, earthquakes and industrial processes - wherever dynamic loads and
disturbed sand are encountered. It opens the door to a new branch of numerical
models and a new philosophy of triaxial testing.
TidsskriftSoils & Foundations
StatusAfsendt - 2019


  • Strain-space plasticity
  • Strain envelope
  • Frictionless triaxial
  • Disturbed soil
  • Disturbed sand
  • Yield strain

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