A Method to Produce Foam Glasses

Jakob König (Opfinder), Rasmus Rosenlund Petersen (Opfinder), Yuanzheng Yue (Opfinder)

Publikation: Patent


The present invention relates to a production process of foam glass from a mixture of glass cullet or slag or fly ash with a foaming agent and an oxidizing agent and heating to below 1100 C under low oxygen atmosphere. The invention relates more particularly to a process wherein pure carbon or a compound which yields pure carbon as the foaming agent is oxidized by a sufficient amount of an efficient oxidizing agent essentially added to the glass-carbon powder mixture, where the oxidizing agent supplies oxygen in the relevant temperature range, to release CO/CO2 gas mixture in the softened glass at elevated temperature, to form a foamed material with CO2 gas filled cells.
IPCC03B 19/08
PatentnummerEP2966044 A1
PrioritetsnummerDK 201470419
StatusUdgivet - 13 jan. 2016


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