A Multi-Functional Power Electronic Converter in Distributed Generation Power Systems

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This paper presents a power electronic converter which is used as an interface for a distributed generation unit/energy storage device, and also functioned as an active power compensator in a hybrid compensation system. The operation and control of the converter have been described. An example of the converter interfacing a wind power generation unit is also given. The power electronic interface performs the optimal operation in the wind turbine system to extract the maximum wind power, while it also plays a key role in a hybrid compensation system that consists of the active power electronic converter and passive filters connected to each distorting load or distributed generation (DG) unit. The passive filters are distributely located to remove major harmonics and provide reactive power compensation. The active power electronic filter corrects the system unbalance, removes the remaining harmonic components, and damps the possible harmonic resonance. Simulation results demonstrate that the converter system can transfer the real power by following a desired reference power for a variable speed wind power conversion system to effectively extract the renewable energy and also enhance the power quality of the system where the power electronic converter is connected.
TitelProceedings of PESC ’05
Antal sider7
StatusUdgivet - 2005
BegivenhedPESC ’05 - Recife, Brasilien
Varighed: 12 jun. 200516 jun. 2005


KonferencePESC ’05


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