This study presents a non-inverting transformer-less
Boost converter with a higher voltage conversion ratio, resulting
in quadratic growth of the output voltage with modest increments
in the duty cycle rate. The continuous input current of this
converter simplifies the input filter design and enhances fuel
cells’ lifetime and stability. Additionally, compared to existing
architectures, this converter reduces the voltage and current
stresses on semiconductor components, making it a promising
alternative to other quadratic Boost converters. As a result, this
topology appears to be a viable alternative for the remaining
quadratic Boost converters. The inclusion of common-ground
switches, which eliminate the need for additional components for
gate driver isolation, is one of the main features that make this
topology distinct. As a result, the converter fabrication cost and
size are reduced. The proposed converter’s steady-state analysis is
thoroughly explained. Stresses placed on semiconductor devices.
Then, a meaningful comparison between the proposed circuit
and its counterparts is provided to understand this converter’s
unique attributes.
TidsskriftIECON Proceedings (Industrial Electronics Conference)
StatusUdgivet - 2023


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