A Short Review of Radiation-Induced Degradation of III-V Photovoltaic Cells for Space Applications

José Maurilio Raya-Armenta*, Najmeh Bazmohammadi, Juan C. Vasquez, Josep M. Guerrero


Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftReview (oversigtsartikel)peer review

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The growing interest in space exploration demands exploring new energy resources as well as improvement of the existing sources of energy used in space environments in terms of robustness, reliability, resiliency, and efficiency. This especially applies to the photovoltaic (PV) systems that are required to work efficiently in very hostile environments of radiation under extreme temperatures and vacuum conditions to name a few. In this respect, many efforts have been made to enhance III–V PV-cells technologies towards lighter and more efficient cells. Besides, especial interest has been expressed in understanding and modeling the degradation mechanisms of PV-cells due to the radiation of particles, such as electrons and protons, aiming to improve their radiation resistance. Therefore, an in-depth analysis of the conducted experiments and developed mathematical approximations with updated information is highly useful to guide the research efforts towards the current challenges in the field. In this regard, this paper aims to provide a chronological review of papers published between the 1990s up to the present discussing their main outcome and providing useful information about the experiments and simulation analysis carried out by such studies. The goal is to contribute to understanding the degradation mechanisms of III–V PV-cells caused by the radiation of nuclei particles, as well as to identify the remaining challenges that should be dealt with to improve the current III–V PV technologies for future deep space explorations.

TidsskriftSolar Energy Materials & Solar Cells
StatusUdgivet - 2021


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