Action Research in a Relational Perspective: Dialogue, Reflexivity, Power and Ethics

Lone Hersted (Redaktør), Ottar Ness (Redaktør), Søren Frimann (Redaktør)

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    Action Research in a Relational Perspective brings together an expert international academic team to present theoretical perspectives on social constructionist understandings of action research, as well as illustrative examples of action research practices within a wide range of sectors such as organizational learning, leadership development, education, mental health and health care.

    Building bridges between theory and practice, this book explores themes of dialogue, relationships, tensions, power and ethics in action research projects. It examines both the great potential, and the challenges and dilemmas, of action research. It aims to inspire readers with ideas and a practical "how-to" understanding of doing action research from a social constructionist standpoint.

    Action Research in a Relational Perspective will appeal to theoreticians and practitioners, senior researchers and PhD students, students, consultants, educators and managers who are interested in action research as an approach to organizational learning, team development, learning among professionals and citizens, or community development.
    UdgivelsesstedLondon & New York
    Antal sider224
    ISBN (Trykt)9780367257224
    ISBN (Elektronisk)9780429289408
    StatusUdgivet - 22 jul. 2019
    NavnRoutledge Advances in Research Methods


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