Adaptive Time-segmentation for Packet Loss Channels

Christoffer A. Rødbro, Jesper Jensen, Richard Heusdens

Publikation: Working paperForskning

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StatusUdgivet - 2005

Bibliografisk note

This document is a reduced version of a technical report describing an adaptive time-segmentation strategy for use in real-time voice communications with frame losses, such as voice over IP (VoIP). The copyrights for parts of this work was handed over to the IEEE in conjunction with the following two papers:

C. A. Rødbro, J. Jensen, and R. Heusdens,
"Adaptive Time-segmentation for Speech Coding with Limited Delay",
Proc. IEEE ICASSP, vol. 1, 465--468,


C. A. Rødbro, J. Jensen, and R. Heusdens,
"Rate-Distortion Optimal Time-segmentation and Redundancy
Selection for VoIP",
Submitted to: IEEE Transactions on Speech and Audio Processing,
June 2004.

The document at hand is the result of removing the copyrighted material from the original technical report and serves as a reference for information that could not be included in the papers due to space limitations. The remaining content is:

1. A frame-independent harmonic sinusoidal coder upon which the
the above-mentioned papers are based.
2. A receiving end PLC algorithm employed in the latter of the two papers.