Advanced energy efficient windows

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Windows should be paid special attention as they contribute a significant part of the total heat-loss coefficient of the building. Contrary to other parts of the thermal envelope the windows are not only heat loosers, but may gain heat in the day-time. Therefore there are possibilities for large energy savings. In terms of energy, windows occupy a special position compared with other thermal envelope structures due to their many functions: 1) windows let daylight into the building and provide occupants with visual contact with their surroundings 2) windows protect against the outdoor climate 3) windows transmit solar energy that may contribute to a reduction of energy consumption, but which may also lead to unpleasant overheating. In the following paragraphs the current use of windows is reviewed with an emphasis on energy, while special products like solar protection glazing and security glazing are not described. Then follows a chapter with some innovative window solutions.
TitelGuidelines - BRITA-IN-PuBS
Antal sider7
ForlagBrita-in-pubs, Fraunhofer Institute of Building Physics
StatusUdgivet - 2007

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