Advanced stop boxes and their effect on traffic conflict rates between cyclists and turning vehicles

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Advanced stop boxes (ASBs) (i.e., marked areas for cyclists in front of the stop line) are mentioned as a potential means to reducing the risk of crashes between cyclists and right-turning vehicles. This study estimates the safety effect of ASBs at signalised intersections using the log-odds method. Seven signalised intersections were filmed for 3,627 hours before and after constructing ASBs. Traffic conflicts were used as a surrogate for crashes. In total, the study found 644 traffic conflicts. The overall safety effect was not statistically significant: the conflict rate for right-hook conflicts decreased by 6% (p = 0.72), and for left-hook conflicts it increased by 21% (p = 0.26). The results differed at the seven sites, and there were only a few statistically significant results. At one site, the conflict rate of cyclists vs. right-turning vehicles decreased significantly, while it significantly increased at another site. One of the seven sites showed a significant increase in the conflict rate of cyclists vs. left-turning vehicles. A likely explanation is that few conflicts occur during the early green phase. In addition, the use rate of the ASB was low (0–2.7%).

TidsskriftJournal of Transportation Safety & Security
Udgave nummer10
Sider (fra-til)1731-1749
Antal sider19
StatusUdgivet - 2022


  • Before-after study
  • Advanced stop box
  • Bike box
  • Surrogate safety measure
  • Traffic conflict
  • Video analysis


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