Advances in Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Power Conversion Systems

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Advances in Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Power Conversion Systems addresses the technological challenges of fluctuating and unreliable power supply in grid-connected photovoltaic systems. It helps students, researchers and engineers create more PV installations to create more sustainable and reliable systems that comply with grid regulations. The book includes extensive, practical application examples to helps students and engineers understand the role of power electronics in modern PV applications and solve practical issues in grid-connected PV systems. Yang, Kim, Sangwongwanich, and Blaabjerg combine their extensive knowledge and experience in this book to address both the basics of the power electronic converter technology as well as the advances of such practical electrical power conversion systems.
Udgivelses stedDuxford
ForlagWoodhead Publishing
Antal sider213
ISBN (Trykt)9780081023396
ISBN (Elektronisk)9780081023402
StatusUdgivet - 23 aug. 2018