Problem-based learning and project work (PBL) can be found in a wide variety of higher education programmes and courses. Yet the ability to structure and execute problem- and project-oriented academic work is not innate - it is a skill that must be learned and practiced.

An Introduction to Problem-Based Learning in Higher Education offers readers a solid foundation for maximising the potential of project work. The authors present a number of models, ideas and suggestions for how students can use the challenges and possibilities inherent in PBL to take responsibility for their own learning.

Themes include:

- Problems and problem formulations
- Project planning and management
- Collaboration among project groups and supervisors
- Communication and conflict management
- IT use
- Evaluation

An Introduction to Problem-Based Learning in Higher Education is written by researchers from Aalborg University who have taught and researched PBL in humanities, engineering, natural and social sciences courses. This interdisciplinary book can be used in any educational context within higher education.
Antal sider178
ISBN (Trykt)9788759338957
ISBN (Elektronisk)9788759339855
StatusUdgivet - 2021


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