Autonomous Controller for Flexible Operation of Heat Pumps in Low-Voltage Distribution Network

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This paper aims to unleash the potential of a heat pump (HP) and its storage system, as a flexible consumer load, in the low-voltage (LV) distribution network by introducing an autonomous controller. Steady-state analysis using DigSILENT Power Factory, a power system analysis tool, is performed to verify the proposed hypothesis. The proposed controller manages to operate the individual HP and storage within the recommended operating limits of grid voltage, by sharing flexibility within the specific network. It has the capability of sensing local key control parameters for scheduling, re-scheduling, and decision-making on the operation of individual HPs. It also takes the thermal energy comfort of individual consumers into consideration. Measurement of local parameters such as grid voltage, supply temperature and level of cold water in the storage tank defines the priority for operation of HPs based on operating delays for turning it on and off. This enhances the sharing of flexibility for proper coordination, control, and management of HP systems in LV distribution networks with mutual technical benefits. From the results, the application of the proposed controller is found to be effective to manage grid congestions and local voltage regulation, satisfying the thermal energy requirements of the customer.
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StatusUdgivet - 18 apr. 2019


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