AVA360VR: Annotate, Visualise, Analyse 360 Video in Virtual Reality

Paul Bruce McIlvenny* (Udvikler), Jacob Gorm Davidsen (Producent), Artúr Barnabás Kovács (Udvikler), Nicklas Haagh Christensen (Udvikler), Stefan Hvarregaard Tanderup (Udvikler)


Publikation: Bidrag der ikke har en tekstformSoftwareprogramForskning


AVA360VR (Annotate, Visualise, Analyse 360 video in Virtual Reality) is a VR software package to support immersive qualitative analysis of complex audio-visual data that have been collected with multiple 2D and 360 cameras as well as external stereo and ambisonic microphones. It is designed specifically for working with and inhabiting 360-degree video. It includes many innovative features, such as 360 video switching, video recamming, live 3D audio mixing, annotating with drawings and animation, as well as a keyframe image sequence generator, a live transcript viewer, a comic panel sequence creator, volumetric capture and replay of actual usage, 3D tutorials and a full project/analysis management interface.
Publikationsdato20 maj 2021
StatusUdgivet - 20 maj 2021


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