Beyond Technology: Children's Voices and Digital Realities at School

Bidragets oversatte titel: Beyond Technology: Børns stemmer og den digitale virkelighed i skolen

Helena Björk, Andrew Doyle, Eva Hartell, Riikka Hohti, Mathias Mose Olesen, Kathrin Otrel-Cass, Bjarne Poulsen, Olli Rekonen, Katariina Steenberg

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    The project was collaboratively carried out in three countries, Denmark,
    Sweden and Finland by students, teachers and researchers from
    Sofiendalskolen, Aalborg, Denmark together with Aalborg University,
    Ribbybergskolan, Haninge, Sweden together with KTH Royal Institute of
    Technology, Stockholm, Sweden and Viikki University Training School,
    Helsinki together with Helsinki University, Finland.
    The aim of the project was twofold: First, we wanted to identify the practices,
    and appropriateness of use when primary school students use ‘Bring Your
    Own Device’ (BYOD) technology at school. Such technology could include any kind of smart technology (phones, tablets), but also cameras, digital watches and any applications that such devices may be using to access information or collect data.
    Second, we were interested how school-owned technology is used to connect with such devices including if they are used to collect information from students.
    Our intention was to examine those practices in three country settings, to see if there are differences or similarities in practices, including those to do with
    trusting the handling of information with technology.
    We wanted to explore what it means for teachers and students at school especially when students bring their own technology (computers, phones) to school. The project involved networking and collaborative explorations of teachers, students and researchers. It resulted in the production of a variety of material resources that are publicly shared about our impressions of the opportunities and challenges of working with digital devices at school.
    The aim to bring together different knowledges and practices across three
    Nordic countries, as well as across groups of students, teachers, researchers
    and families, proved a fruitful one. We noticed that pedagogical practices
    have to be understood in context. This means that all the participating
    countries had common issues, hopes, concerns and practical experiences
    concerning technology in classrooms, but there were also differences. Different cultures, learning environments, habits and routines all influenc technology use in classrooms. The picture of student-owned technology in schools is not only rosy, rather, the potentials and promises often come with challenges.
    In this book we are presenting stories that emerged from our joint work. We
    hope that they can be of relevance to other teachers, teacher educators,
    researchers or adults with an interest in how technology impacts on young
    people’s lives.
    Bidragets oversatte titelBeyond Technology: Børns stemmer og den digitale virkelighed i skolen
    ForlagAalborg University
    Antal sider37
    ISBN (Trykt)978-87-93058-64-4
    ISBN (Elektronisk)978-87-93058-65-1
    Rekvirerende organisationNordplus Junior
    StatusUdgivet - 2019


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    • digital virkelighed
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