Bruno Latour: Hybrid thoughts in a hybrid world

Bidragets oversatte titel: Bruno Latour: Hybride tanker i en hybrid verden

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French sociologist and philosopher, Bruno Latour, is one of the most significant and creative thinkers of the last decades. Bruno Latour: Hybrid Thoughts in a Hybrid World is the first comprehensive and accessible English-language introduction to this multi-faceted work. The book focuses on core Latourian themes:

• contribution to science studies (STS – Science, Technology & Society)
• philosophical approach to the rise and fall of modernity
• innovative thoughts on politics, nature, and ecology
• contribution to the branch of sociology known as ANT – Actor-Network Theory.

With ANT, Latour has pioneered an approach to socio-cultural analysis built on the notion that social life arises in complex networks of actants – people, things, ideas, norms, technologies, and so on – influencing each other in dynamic ways. This book explores how Latour helps us make sense of the changing interrelations of science, technology, society, nature, and politics beyond modernity.
Bidragets oversatte titelBruno Latour: Hybride tanker i en hybrid verden
UdgivelsesstedLondon & New York
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StatusUdgivet - 2011
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