Capturing Microplastics from Aquatic Systems Using Vortex based Cyclone Technique

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Plastic pollution is an acknowledged global
problem. As estimated, about 82% of marine litter is
plastics, while about 94% of marine plastics are defined as
microplastics (MPs), which is less than 5mm in size. MPs
have been regarded as widespread emerging pollutants.
Different from the commonly used sedimentation,
absorption or filtration technologies for aquatic MP
capture, this work proposed a cost-effective and scalable
solution using the vortex-based cyclone technique for
collecting aquatic-borne MPs. Based on a lab-scaled setup
and the use of artificial microbeads, the experimental
results showed clear and promising evidence of the
proposed concept and technology. Different operating
conditions are also investigated with the aim controlling
the hydrocyclone at its highest sep
TitelProc. of 18th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology
Antal sider4
StatusUdgivet - 2023
NavnCEST Proceedings


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