Class in disguise: On representations of class in a presumptively classless society

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This paper asks how class can have importance in one of the worlds’ most equal societies: Denmark. The answer is that class here appears in disguised forms. The field under study is a city, Aalborg, in the midst of transition from a stronghold of industrialism to a post industrial economy. The paper picks out two sets of discourses from this city: on the one hand a newspapers discourses about the city’s brand and on the other interviews with female inhabitants about experiences and visions of social differences and divides. The analysis reveals indirect and euphemized forms of class divisions. The paper also raises questions about how sociological discourses may contribute to the veiling of class.
UdgiverInstitut for Sociologi, Socialt Arbejde og Organisation, Aalborg Universitet
Antal sider31
ISBN (Elektronisk)978-87-90867-38-6
StatusUdgivet - 2013
NavnSociologisk arbejdspapir