Collaboration through environmental assessment networks: Co-creating space and cultivating a joint learning mindset

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The sustainability challenges tackled in environmental assessments (EA) call for transdisciplinary cooperation linking research and practice in a joint change agency. This article explores the researcher's agency through the development of an EA network that seeks to support collaboration between researchers and practitioners, mutual learning, and change with a view to sustainability. We are conducting a case study of ‘The Environmental Assessment Day’ (EA-Day), an annual Danish conference that has been held for 10 years and attracts representatives from public and private organisations relevant to EA. The article is centred around the questions: How and why has the EA-Day network developed, and with what value creation for individual participants and for the general Danish EA practice? A mixed-methods approach is utilised to garner insight into the role and effects of the transdisciplinary conference. The results show that EA-Day is characterised by many different organisations giving presentations and a strong network of participants. The results also reveal how EA-Day provides an important platform for mutual inspiration and the qualification of research and practice. The results are relevant for all actors interested in networks and conferences in the EA field, and especially those interested in how to promote collaboration between research and practice.
TidsskriftEnvironmental Impact Assessment Review
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StatusUdgivet - 2022

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