Comparison of cm- and mm-Wave Channel Characteristics between Autonomous Mobile Robots in a small I4.0 Manufacturing Facility

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The use of millimeter wave communication for replacing wires in industrial environments has received much interest as part of the I4.0 revolution. MM-wave communication may be used to have manufacturing entities communicate device to device in a decentralised private communication network for in-factory communication, e.g. for letting autonomous mobile robots cooperate for improved efficiency and speed. Our objective in this paper is to understand how this channel may be different from the characteristics reported in the literature on the infrastructure-based communication channel, as well as between cm- (sub-6 GHz) and mm-wave. We investigate the cm- and mm-wave channel characteristics between two moving robots within a cluttered manufacturing space. By transmitting and measuring a 5G synchronization signal burst, time-synchronized with the position of the robots, we characterize the large- and small-scale propagation characteristics as a function of the line-of-sight
distance. Overall we find only small differences between 3.7 and 26.5 GHz, however with a clear indication that propagation at 26.5 GHz is more dominated by the (geometric) line of sight condition. For distances up to 35 m, path loss characteristics at the two frequencies are almost identical, close to free space
propagation, and with shadowing decorrelation according to the (Gaussian) exponential decay model.
TidsskriftProceedings of the Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications Symposia
Antal sider6
StatusAfsendt - 31 maj 2022
BegivenhedSymposium on Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications: 5G WAY FORWARD TO 6G - Aarhus University – BTECH, Herning, Danmark
Varighed: 30 okt. 20222 nov. 2022
Konferencens nummer: 25


KonferenceSymposium on Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications
LokationAarhus University – BTECH


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