Consideration of the Change of Material Emission Signatures due to Longterm Emissions for Enhancing VOC Source Identification

K. H. Han, J. S. Zhang, Henrik Nellemose Knudsen, P. Wargocki, B. Guo

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftKonferenceartikel i tidsskriftForskningpeer review

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The objectives of this study were to characterize the changes of VOC material emission profiles over time and develop a method to account for such changes in order to enhance a source identification technique that is based on the measurements of mixed air samples and the emission signatures of individual building materials determined by PTRMS. Source models, including powerlaw
model, doubleexponential decay model and mechanistic diffusion model, were employed to track the change of individual material emission signatures by PTRMS over a ninemonth period. Samples of nine typical building materials were tested individually for nine months and later in combination to obtain actual mixture emissions. VOC emissions from each material were measured in a 50liter
smallscale chamber. Chamber air was sampled by PTRMS over a 28day period to determine their emission rate decay characteristics as well as to establish the initial profile of emission signatures unique to individual materials tested.
TidsskriftProceedings from Indoor Air 2011
Udgave nummer240
Antal sider6
StatusUdgivet - 2011

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  • Material emission signature
  • PTR-MS
  • VOC
  • Source identification
  • Long-term emission