Converters for Distributed Power Generation Systems

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Power electronics technology has become the enabling technology for the integration of distributed power generation systems (DPGS) such as offshore wind turbine power systems and commercial photovoltaic power plants. Depending on the applications, a vast array of DPGS-based power converter topologies has been developed and more are coming into the market in order to achieve an efficient and reliable power conversion from the renewables. In addition, stringent demands from both the distribution system operators and the consumers have been imposed on the renewable-based DPGS. This article presents an overview of the power converters for the DPGS, mainly based on wind turbine systems and photovoltaic systems, covering a wide range of applications. Moreover, the modulation schemes and interfacing power filters for the power converters are also exemplified. Finally, the general control strategies for those systems are discussed in order to fulfill the increasingly strict requirements.
TitelWiley Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
RedaktørerJ. Webster
Antal sider14
Publikationsdato15 sep. 2015
ISBN (Elektronisk)9780471346081
StatusUdgivet - 15 sep. 2015

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