Course Reader: Food Concept Design, mapping strategic and service-oriented possibilities within food businesses: IFS-P3

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This course reader is a guide to the content of the last series of FOOD DESIGN lectures and design workshops given with the course: ‘Food Concept Design: Mapping Strategic and Service‐Oriented possibilities within Food Businesses', offered at the Masters education 'Integrated Food Studies' at Aalborg University in Copenhagen.

The course reader first of all guide the students through the overall purpose and content of the course, but also give a short introduction to the various literature used in the course, as well as the demands for the final assignment and evaluation criteria for the individual exams.

Together with the course programmes provided at the two previous semesters, this course reader is thus attempts to begin develop af theoratical framework for teaching Food Design Thinking.
UdgiverArkitektur & Design (A&D Files)
Antal sider35
StatusUdgivet - 2016
NavnSkriftserie: Arkitektur & Design (A&D Files)