Cruelty in Libya

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Wars are by nature cruel. Civil wars and proxy wars are costly and deeply more cruel- particularly against civilians. Libyans experienced all three cases where combatants target civilians (including migrants and refugees). The victims suffer from perpetual displacement, imprisonment and mass killing. The victims, suffering from mental and physical cruelties, often long for external assistance.

To probably address such cruelties, Germany’s Merkel recently called for a Libya summit in Berlin. The official aim is to prevent “foreign intervention” and proxies in the almost decade long devastating war in Libya. Merkel’s foreign minister conditioned the success of the gathering with involved parties ultimately recognizing “no military solution but only a political solution to the conflict”. Unmentioned are the ways in which summit participants remain complicit in the tragedy. Apart from been sponsoring and utilizing proxies[i], some participants repeatedly violated UN arms embargo on Libya.
Publikationsdato16 jan. 2020
Antal sider3
StatusUdgivet - 16 jan. 2020

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