D1.7 -- Intermediate Report on the WHERE2 Channel Model

Gerhard Steinböck (Redaktør), Troels Pedersen (Redaktør), Bernard Henri Fleury (Redaktør), Yoann Corre, Mohamed Laaraiedh, Troels Pedersen, Marios Raspopoulos, Ronald Raulefs, Julien Stéphan, Gerhard Steinböck, Bernhard Uguen, Wei Wang

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This deliverable is an intermediate report on the activities towards a collection of common WHERE2 channel models. The report introduces the heterogenous simulation scenario and summarizes the activities and achievements in WP1 to simulate such a scenario. In WHERE2 two aspects of heterogeneity are considered: the radio access technologies and the environments. As such, investigations with respect to narrowband, wideband and ultra wideband channel characterization in multi-link scenarios are reported. Furthermore, indoor
and indoor-to-outdoor environments are considered. The channel variability due to human crowd activity and the variations of the antenna response are investigated as well.
ForlagICT–248894 WHERE2
Antal sider132
StatusUdgivet - 3 jul. 2012

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  • Projekter

    WHERE2: Wireless Hybrid Enhanced Mobile Radio Estimators 2 (WHERE2)

    Fleury, B. H., Madsen, T. K., Pedersen, T., Nielsen, J. J., Steinböck, G., Manchon, C. N. & Pedersen, C.

    FP7-ICT-2009-4: The Network of the Future


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    Steinböck, G. (red.), Pedersen, T. (red.), Fleury, B. H. (red.), Corre, Y., Laaraiedh, M., Pedersen, T., Raspopoulos, M., Raulefs, R., Stéphan, J., Steinböck, G., Uguen, B., & Wang, W. (2012). D1.7 -- Intermediate Report on the WHERE2 Channel Model. ICT–248894 WHERE2. http://www.kn-s.dlr.de/where2/documents_deliverables.php